[PD] Guenter's personal CVS version of Gem 0.87

bbogart at ryerson.ca bbogart at ryerson.ca
Sun Dec 1 18:35:50 CET 2002

Hello all,

I'm currently using Guenter's personal CVS version
of gem-0.87. This is before the real cvs was up and
running. I used it because I could not get the
normal 87 version compiled. 

Anyhow I've discovered something which behaves
different in this version (under linux) than it does
in windows (with the normal 87 version) 

I have a bunch of squares using pix_image and
pix_texture as well as a few using pix_movie. When I
use the pix_image geometry by itself all works fine,
works as it should. As soon as I add the pix_movie
geometry (different objects) it CHANGES the way the
pix_texture applies the pix_image to the other
geometry. These are not attached in any way, no send
or receive, no separator, different geometry and
differet gemheads. If I cut the pix_movie geometry
out of the patch and rerender, boom it works as
normal again. So I did I little experiment and added
pix_texture after pix_movie, even though you don't
need it. And low and beyhold, the pix_texture
applies the pix_movie onto the geometry in the same
messed up fashion as pix_texture applies pix_image
to the other geometry. (looks like x if shifted
towards negative about half the width of the
geometry and y is shifted towards negative the same
amount) I don't reproduce this under windows.

So I'm going to try and compile .87 again, on a
different machine, and see if its an alteration in
Guenter's version? 

Can anyone else see how the way a texture is applied
to one object changes how the texture is applied to
another?!? It seems to be just pix_movie doing this... 

I'll work out a demo patch as soon as I can.


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