[PD] crossfade of complete sample buffer

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Fri Dec 6 16:38:02 CET 2002

Hi Krzysztof,

> sorry for a delay -- I have just returned from Cieszyn, after
> presenting Pd and cyclone to what turned out to be a gathering of
> polish maxers.

No PD scene in Poland?

> Most of them seemed quite excited about a prospect
> of rendering (parts of) their stuff cross-platform, but all
> complained over tcl/tkish look and feel...

No wonder...
i'm working on these issues too, but i guess it will be bound to flext.
I have had some (as i think) good ideas based on the attribute paradigm 
but i'm not sure if i've got the time for it in the next weeks and 

> > How did you deal with operations on long buffer sizes... are they 
> granular
> > and how did you solve the retriggering? By clock tick?
> I did not deal at all -- any operation is performed in an
> unbounded time.  That is mainly due to my old csoundish habit of
> first precomputing or preloading function tables, then keeping
> such `pool' in a more or less frozen state during performance.

I see... it's the same situation for VASP at Max since i've not succeeded 
in implementing threading there yet.
I hope to get it working soon, though.

> What I would like to add to vexing in the first place is a sort of
> explicit lazy computation.  But I want it simple, and it is really
> unlikely that vexing will ever be granular, or even threaded
> -- this is vasp's domain.

Does this mean that vexing is constrained to whole arrays?
If not it would be great if there were (as already discussed some time 
ago) a bridge between our systems.
I plan to emphasize the object-oriented behaviour of vasp references 
into arrays even more and it could be useful to fill work on these with 
your routines. I think i have to study your library a bit more.... 
maybe there's another gathering a few 100km's nearer to my place?

best greetings,

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