[PD] Re: [PD-announce] Paradiddle 0.1: a Cocoa interface for Pd

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Wed Dec 11 01:36:18 CET 2002

Hi Thomas.

Thanks for your kind words. I indeed wanted the first release to be "simple".

I'd appreciate feedback from interested parties on where to go next. I
can imagine a variety of directions:
- auto-connect and better integration as a Pd "launcher"
- more complex "expert" modes for those already familiar with Project
Builder (not my favourite direction, but a possibility)
- receiving feedback from Pd

Definitely coming:
- a web page
- better toggle support
- screenshots for the tutorial (sorry they aren't there yet)
- more examples (Any requests?)

As you might've guessed, this is an extremely simple shim between cocoa
and a socket. My inclination is to keep it as simple as possible while
maximising the possibilities...


I believe Thomas Grill said this around Tue, 10 Dec 2002:

>Hi Adam,
>thanks for Paradiddle and your introduction into the wonderfully simple  
>world of Cocoa.
>I'm truly impressed!
>best greetings,
>Am Montag, 09.12.02, um 20:42 Uhr (Europe/Vienna) schrieb Adam Lindsay:
>> Hello, all.
>> I'd like to announce the first version of Paradiddle, a Mac OS X Cocoa
>> GUI interface for Pd patches.
>> Paradiddle is a framework, packaged as a Project Builder template,  
>> where
>> you simply visually edit a GUI using Apple's excellent Interface  
>> Builder,
>> draw a few connections, compile, and run a full-fledged,  
>> self-contained,
>> MacOSX-native application.
>> A single-click installer, a step-by-step tutorial, and example patches
>> are included.
>> <http://homepage.mac.com/atl/.cv/atl/Public/Paradiddle-0-1.dmg- 
>> link.dmg>
>> (167 KB)
>> Pd 0.35+ and Mac OS X 10.2 Developer Tools required. No coding  
>> necessary.
>> Let me know if it works for you...
>> adam
>> PS. In case any of you are wondering "where's the source?"-- it will be
>> released once the project stabilizes a little more. I'm mostly
>> withholding source to help make the point that you don't have to even
>> *look* at code to do something interesting on Mac OS X.
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