[PD] PD and paths

Soren Bovbjerg sb at cvmt.dk
Wed Dec 18 09:31:27 CET 2002


Something has changed regarding PD and paths in version 0.36, and it is 
not very pleasant.

As far as I can see all paths in PD are now relative to the place from 
where you start PD - and then not.

1) I start PD with a relative command like ./foo/bar/pd/bin/pd -open 

With 0.35 filename was relative to the pd binary, now it is relative to 
where I start it from. This I can live with.

2) I am trying to read a file with msgfile.With version 0.35 the file is 
placed relative to the pd patch that reads the file. With 0.36 I CANNOT 
FIND THE FILE :-( ... meaning that relative path does not work.

The only way i can find it is if I start PD directly from the /bin 
directory or to use the absolute path - which is not a good thing.

I am not using a 'installed' version of PD but rather an installation 
placed in my user dir (Linux).

What should I change to return this to 0.35 state?


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