[PD] 2 things

martin pi pi at attacksyour.net
Wed Jan 8 11:06:39 CET 2003

> ...good idea:  when I did the OS X port, I thought about doing it via 
> SDL, but went with native support in the end...I don't know that it 
> would help existing implementations, but I think gridflow has some 
> sdl support, so maybe it'd help to get gridflow and gem to work 
> together (if desired?)...

i think a lot of native code could be made
platform independent if a shift to SDL would
happen. while implementations are not absolutely
the same the paradigm - as iohannes described it -
is the same: if it is not possible to do something
as good as in another system: try it to make it at
least "similar" in behaviour/vision.

SDL is still actively developed. and if we happen
to realise more cross-platform compatibility it
would be good for the community and thus other
projects to, since code could be included into SDL

it is always a good choice to make libraries
platform independent, not programs - at least in
my opinion. and GEM as a "framework" is inbetween.


       		martin pi



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