[PD] Drawing in tables?

marius schebella marius.schebella at chello.at
Tue Jan 14 18:50:19 CET 2003

hi martin

> 1) in what cases is a table drawable? I thought previously
> that it depended on the resolution of the array, but
> apparently not. I can sometimes draw in a table that
> contains 65000, but sometimes not. Can someone explain?

arrays are always drawable, as far as i know.
but you have to somehow begin drawing at the graphical line of the array. if
you just click in the window, the array does not automatically jump to the
mouse position.

> 2) in the arrays examples, there are some messages that can
> be sent, such as sinesum and cosinesum, to fill a table.
> Are there any others? I could not find any. If there aren't
> any others why is that, is that from lack of need or
> because of a particular difficulty in implementing such
> things? I'm thinking in particular that something like the
> gen routines in Csound would be invaluable.

i don't know about the implemented functions of the array-object, but there
is a big external called vasp, which can do some window-functions and
envelopes. get it at http://www.parasitaere-kapazitaeten.net/vasp.

> 3) I have never used the text editor in PD, and a student
> asked me what it was for. Looking at it, I realised that I
> don't have a clue either. It certainly does not do what I
> thought it would. Anyone care to explain what can be done
> with it?

for example if you have big messageboxes (for initialisation of patches, or
whatever) you can edit its content (shortcut ctrl+t) with this editor. you
can also copy and paste with other text-editors, which can be useful


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