[PD] Importing mail list patches?

Johannes Taelman Johannes.Taelman at rug.ac.be
Sun Jan 19 17:16:03 CET 2003


Turn 'hide file extensions for known file types' (explorer -> tools ->
folder options -> view -> advanced settings) off.

You've probably made a 'patch.pd.txt' file. You can avoid that by
selecting 'Save as type: All files' when saving in notepad.

hope this helps,

On Sat, 18 Jan 2003, david moss wrote:

> Hi pd amigos!


> I found a few example pd patches in the mail list
> archive in what looks like a raw text format, similar
> to when a max patch is saved as text. I copy and
> pasted the text into notepad (working on windoze
> currently!) and  I saved this file with the extension
> *.pd. Unfortunately when I try to open them in pd the
> file selector doesnt show them.
> Is there some kind of import button and if not any
> ideas how I can load the patches?
> Kind Regards
> dave mK


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