[PD] pdp xv & v4l gain not available

Rama rama at xicnet.com
Sun Jan 26 19:55:37 CET 2003

Hi all ! I´ve compiled pdp (0.7.1) and pidip (0.7.6) but now for some
reason I don´t have the right inlet for the pdp_v4l and pdp_xv (gain
control). I´ve tried the first realease of this packages two days after
they were released and it was working there. I´ve been playing a lot
with my box because (i use debian/sid) i had some things broken. Might
this have something to do with pdp´s problem? I didn´t see any error
messages at compile time, so I have no idea where to begin checking.

I´m using pd 0.35test24. I have not migrated to pd 0.36 yet because I
still have to figure out how to set up jack (first attempt failed).
Maybe I´ll ask for help about it soon ;)

Any help would be really appreciated!
Rama <rama at xicnet.com>

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