[PD] switcher?

Shintaro Miyazaki shintaro.miyazaki at stud.unibas.ch
Fri Jun 6 04:05:11 CEST 2003

hi all, again a newbie question...

im looking for a object, or a abstaction or a patch,
which will enable me to switch from one input~  to another.
(like switch the channels/chords)

osc~     and  noise~  and   wavetable     etc.....
^                       ^                      ^
"switcher" / selects one of above..
pd reverb (freeverb~ )
pd output

I would like to use the same effect (like freeverb~ ) with several 
generators, and switch between them with
bang or toggel or maybe a Key on the Laptops-Keyboard.

cheers and thank you for answering.
miyazaki s

for more help
you can see my first major patch at:

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