[PD] Re:[PD-dev] new pure-data.org

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at iem.at
Wed Jun 11 14:15:37 CEST 2003


Now it starts...

 I have set up the 


 I have put nothing in except I copied a text in the frontpage.

 Its now just to play around, except the user data schould be hold
 Please make a join now and mail me which role you want with this 
 account, I will set this.

 Poeple which have an IEM account (like guenter and miller msp ;-)
 already have an account which has to be initialized.

I will add some tabs in the evening like proposed.


If it got enough input I will rename it to pd.iem.at (in a week or so)

please: any Domainname which should be mapped on the site please
mail me I will make an entry in remapping. (I can also remap on an
directory inside the side as an individual entrypoint).

mfg winfried 

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