[PD] Re: Real-time sound from rigid-body physics simulator?

PAGANO,PATRICK RALPH bigswift at ufl.edu
Thu Jun 12 17:22:04 CEST 2003

They work very well
they were featured in IEEE Multimedia last month
i think i posted them a while back erroneously described as physim 

On Thu Jun 12 09:13:12 EDT 2003, Hans-Christoph Steiner 
<hans at eds.org> wrote:

> FYI: this is a question for the pd-list.  pd-dev is for questions 
> directly related to developing pd and objects for pd.  I am 
> responding on pd-list.
> I just found some pd objects for "realizing physical models of 
> impact interaction" which sounds like what you are looking for:
> http://www.soundobject.org/software.html
> It should be pretty straightforward to take force and velocity 
> values into pd and use them to control sound.  The CPU usage 
> would mostly depend on the synthesis algorithm you use, but I 
> think your target CPU usage should be reachable.
> .hc
> On Monday, Jun 9, 2003, at 15:07 America/New_York, Randy Demsetz 
> wrote:
>> Hello all, I'm brand new to this list. I'm a game developer 
>> working on an
>> upcoming title. I'd like to use the impact forces, velocities, 
>> etc. from the
>> game's collision detection and physics engine (rigid body, not 
>> deformable)
>> to create realistic physical sounds (such a ball rolling on a 
>> floor, or a
>> box striking a wall and bouncing to the floor). It has to be 
>> real-time,
>> where the physics engine's values can only be sampled at 1/120th 
>> of a second
>> intervals. It has to take up less than 5% of a 1.5GHz CPU 
>> processing time.
>> Can it be done? Are there code samples of this already done 
>> (free or
>> licensable)?
>> Thanks,
>>      Randy
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