[PD] 4 outs on a cheap soundcard.

julien.breval at tremplin-utc.net julien.breval at tremplin-utc.net
Mon Jun 30 16:03:55 CEST 2003

When I bought my new PC there was only the built-in sound card, an Intel i810 
with 6 outputs. For this card, there is a little menu (in the OS parameters) 
that helps you specifying if you want to work in stereo, quadraphony, 5.1 or 
with headphones. 

I havn't managed to use separate outputs from this card with Pd yet. 

Anyway the command line "pd -listdev" (non-implemented in Linux yet) doesn't 
list the outputs separately (like for professionnal Delta 44 or Hammerfall 
cards). The i810 is only listed as one input device and one output device (no 
matter how it is configured)... 
I don't really know the difference, because "dac~ 1" and "dac~ 2" refer 
to "left channel" and to "right channel" with the i810 ; maybe it is related to 
its having only one 3.5mm stereo jack for "two" outputs ?  

I should try again this evening for more information.

Maybe it depends on the card ; nonetheless try "dac~ 1 2 3 4" rather 
than "adc~ ....." if you are interested in 4 outputs :-)   

Selon "Kjetil S. Matheussen" <k.s.matheussen at notam02.no>:

> [...]
> Anyone have experience having 4 outs (an "adc~ 1 2 3 4" object) on a cheap
> soundcard (one of those 5.1 cards or something) in pd. Does it work?
> Pd is going to run linux.

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