[PD] Catalonian n00bness,

jose manuel berenguer jmbeal at telefonica.net
Mon Jul 21 22:02:18 CEST 2003

hola, plagasul

you can find people working on pd at :

-esdi (escola superior de disseny. universitat ramon llull. sabadell. 

-iua (institut universitari de l'audio visual. universitat pompeu 
fabra. barcelona).


-elisava (escola superior de disseny. barcelona)

despite it is not a big community, you can find a very interesting 
people working on pd and computer music related subjects in Catalonia.

there is also a list where topics are pd and max/msp :


go to _forum_ and search for max/msp... i must say that it is not 
very active. try it anyway. ...

escriu-me en català o castellà off list i et contesto... val?


jose manuel

>Hello everybody.
>I read somewhere that n00b questions are allowed on this mailing list.
>So here we go.
>I'm having problems understanding some of the examples provided 
>under the DOC folder of PureData.
>When going across those tutorials i found some language problems. 
>Understanding How do Puredata works explained in english, when i am 
>spanish... (and my english is not so good) is like trying to learn 
>German with american textbooks.
>So that's why i encounter some problems while understanding basics 
>as the TRIGGER or how to manage inlets and outlets for a patch that 
>goes inside a box.
>My question is.. am i the only active Puredata user of Spain?
>I suppose that no... i'm not... so i hope someone here from Spain... 
>or just a spanish talker will take a little time to reply me and.. 
>hopefully help me with those basics in order to go deeper in 
>My contacts are:
><mailto:plagasul at soulseekrecords.com>plagasul at soulseekrecords.com
><mailto:plagasul at yahoo.es>plagasul at yahoo.es
>or if u use msn messenger:
><mailto:sesentaycuatro at hotmail.com>sesentaycuatro at hotmail.com
>I'll keep an eye on this list to see if someone can give me advice.
>Many thanks in advanced.
>Greeetings from Barcelona.
>IncrediMail - El E-mail ha evolucionado finalmente - 
><http://www.incredimail.com/redir.asp?ad_id=310&lang=10>Haga clic 

Jose Manuel Berenguer
jmbeal at telefonica.net +34932857046 +34696538403
jmberenguer at cccb.org  +34933064128
http://sonoscop.cccb.org http://ocaos.cccb.org/caos
Sonoscop/Orquesta del Caos. CCCB. Montalegre, 5. 08001 Barcelona. Spain
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