[PD] very nervous system?

kiilo gelb_ at web.de
Mon Aug 4 00:26:59 CEST 2003

Hi Grzesiek,

i dont have experience with videotracking under linux ...
but anyway :-) have a look to eyesweb:

Laboratorio di Informatica Musicale
DIST - University of Genoa
Viale Causa 13 - 16145 Genova
staff at infomus.dist.unige.it

im shure its interessting for you ....


Grzesiek Sedek schrieb:

>Hello everybody.
>I'm planing to make instalation wich would work somehow like "very nervous
>system", and I wonder if anyone has any expierience with setups like that?
>Most importantly I'd like to find out about cameras and ways to convert
>video signal onto data that could be used to generate sounds, etc.
>I'd like to do it on Linux. Perchaps someone know any links or documents
>Any help greatly appritiated.
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