[PD] Re: MIDI Input devices missing from Pd 0.37-7

ix xi at dopecheck.com
Mon Aug 4 00:45:42 CEST 2003

it seems to be an incompatibility of some sort between portmidi and midiyoke, where you see nothing but midiyoke devices when it is installed. uninstalling midiyoke fixed the problems...another more compatible option for midi routing can be downloaded from musiclab.com, midioverlan and the free 'midi connection center'.

after ridding bot computers of midiyoke, 0.37 seems to work well on a dedicated laptop, slaving to midi control from the main PC and sending audio back via jsndbus instantiated within fxteleport. sounds a bit convoluted maybe but works great with buffer sizes set around 768 samples but the end result is lossless output recordable into a host on the main computer with no worries about lack of decent ASIO drivers on the slaves..(drones?).


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