[PD] external-writing question about inlets

Søren Bovbjerg sb at cvmt.dk
Wed Aug 6 08:30:19 CEST 2003

J. Scott Hildebrand wrote:
> right now i'm converting my convolution external to take as many inputs as
> the user would like. i'd like to call it like this:
> multiconvo~ <number of sources>
> is there a way to do this? here is the current code i gotta play with:

Have a look at maxlib at 
http://www.akustische-kunst.org/puredata/maxlib/ . The example is from 

for(i = 2; i < argc; i++)	/* create additional inlets, if any */	{
	floatinlet_new(&x->x_ob, &x->x_multivalue[i]);

This creates at least 2 inputs using the number of arguments to create 
inputs. You could easily change this to be the value (argv) instead.

By the way, have you considered the user position and orientation in 
your engine or do you modify the sound coordinates before they are fed 
to the convolver?


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