[PD] Play/loop and pitch change

Søren Bovbjerg bovbjerg at musik.auc.dk
Fri Aug 8 16:31:41 CEST 2003

> are there other binary formats (than n32) that work for pd externals? 
> (why
> are n32 preferred?).
> Sorry, but my irix experience is very limited and lies far in the 
> past....
There are n32 and o32 formats. o32 is 'old' 32bit code and n32 is 'new' 
32bit code. What the exact difference is I do not know, but the 
performance impact is big. In general n32 is just faster.

o32 external work on Irix, but they require that PD is compiled as o32 
binary aswell :-(


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