[PD] pd, asio, & kx audio driver

Søren Bovbjerg sb at cvmt.dk
Sat Aug 9 10:54:32 CEST 2003


I have been using the kX ASIO driver with PD occasionally and it works 
great (version 0.35 and 0.36). With the latest kX version it can even do 
ASIO in 44.1 kHz even though it is a 48kHz card (44.1 kHz output only 
though). If I issue a listdev kX ASIO is listed as #4 but I have to 
specify it as -audiodev 3 when starting PD.

The great thing about the kX driver is the DSP window. You can create up 
to 16 outputs (and inputs) which all appear in the virtual patchbay 
where you can connect them to physical I/Os. Here you can also add 
hardware DSP effects which are MIDI controlable and even feed the signal 
back into PD (ok, I am a little biased since I wrote some of the filter 
plugins for the kX drivers).

I would recommend that PD is set to run at 48kHz with kX ASIO (it has to 
if you want inputs).

Startup examples:
pd -asio -audiodev 3 -r 44100 -noadc -outchannels 8
pd -asio -audiodev 3 -r 48000 -channels 8

It is important that the kX ASIO sample rate matches the one you 
specify. Just right click on the kX icon in the systray and enter the 
settings sub menu. Here you will find the ASIO settings.


> In case anyone comes accross the same problems:
> Dont know if kx is incompatible with Pd ver.0.36, it kept claiming an 
> invalid device ID when I tried to select the kx asio driver. Ver. 0.37 
> however, works a treat! Thanks for the suggestion Miller, I normally 
> steer clear of beta/test versions so I might never have solved the 
> problem.

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