[PD] Compiling vasp

Michael McGonagle mjmogo at comcast.net
Mon Aug 11 04:07:03 CEST 2003

Hi everyone,

I am working on learning flext, and in the process I was trying to
compile 'vasp'.

I was able to compile the flext stuff, but when I get to 'vasp', it goes
thru everything, except the final linking stage where it complains:

g++ -bundle -bundle_loader /usr/local/pd/bin/pd pd-darwin/arg.o 
pd-darwin/mixfft.o pd-darwin/obj_part.o pd-darwin/obj_split.o 
pd-darwin/opparam.o pd-darwin/ops_cplx.o pd-darwin/ops_gen.o 
pd-darwin/ops_trnsc.o pd-darwin/util.o pd-darwin/buflib.o 
pd-darwin/obj_chns.o pd-darwin/obj_peaks.o pd-darwin/obj_sync.o 
pd-darwin/ops_arith.o pd-darwin/ops_dft.o pd-darwin/ops_qminmax.o 
pd-darwin/ops_wnd.o pd-darwin/vasp.o pd-darwin/classes.o 
pd-darwin/obj_frames.o pd-darwin/obj_q.o pd-darwin/obj_vasp.o 
pd-darwin/ops_assign.o pd-darwin/ops_feature.o pd-darwin/ops_rearr.o 
pd-darwin/opvecs.o pd-darwin/vbuffer.o pd-darwin/env.o 
pd-darwin/obj_imm.o pd-darwin/obj_radio.o pd-darwin/obj_vecs.o 
pd-darwin/ops_carith.o pd-darwin/ops_flt.o pd-darwin/ops_resmp.o 
pd-darwin/rdx2fft.o pd-darwin/vecblk.o pd-darwin/main.o 
pd-darwin/obj_offs.o pd-darwin/obj_size.o pd-darwin/opbase.o 
pd-darwin/ops_cmp.o pd-darwin/ops_gate.o pd-darwin/ops_search.o 
pd-darwin/rvfft.o /usr/local/pd/flext/flext_t.a -lm -o 
ld: Undefined symbols:
make: *** [pd-darwin/vasp.pd_darwin] Error 1

It appears these functions are part of the flext library. I am using 
version 0.4.4 of flext.

Any clues where I should start troubleshooting? (While I am planning on
using 'vasp', this is more an excersize in compiling code that uses
flext, so just to use the precompiled external is not really an option.)



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