[PD] Calling pD users everywhere. A brief 10mins of your time?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Aug 11 21:53:06 CEST 2003


Glen Oglethorpe hat gesagt: // Glen Oglethorpe wrote:

> The extra work takes the form of a tutorial I must write to explain how to 
> use the 'product' I created using pD; which is a 16-step midi sequencer I 
> created to gain real-time controllability over MIDI sound modules; with 
> specific emphasis on electro-acoustic composition.
> The sequencer is based around an "fselector" patch designed originally by 
> Frank Barknecht, and has a few teething problems.

Uhm, that's quite an old one. I didn't even remember that I wrote
this... ;) But it's actually quite simple, although quite brute-force.
Nowadays I  would use a more sphisticated solution

> If any volunteers could have a look @ the sequencer to give feed back (or 
> dissect the code) I would be infinitely indebted to them.
> I am trying to gain a contrast between new users, as well as the hardened 
> pros (ie the mailing list users); so I am currently spreading the word 
> about pD with electronic musicians in the UK - if that carries any 
> favor(?!?)
> It's literally 'five minutes to midnight'
> This is (Is this) my last hope?  =/
> All I ask is for you to email me asking for your copy, which I will 
> dispatch; then simply load it - have mess about with it to see what you can 
> come up with, and supply some feedback.

I don't know how much time I will have the next 2 days (there are some
things pending and it's very hot here) but I gladly will take a look
at the patch. Is it downloadable anywere? If it's not too big (< 75K
zipped), I think that most readers on this list wouldn't mind if you
post it here. 

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