[PD] MA_FM.pd at em411.com

Matthew Allen matthew at lith.com
Tue Aug 12 19:56:59 CEST 2003


	I uploaded a single file patch version of my 3 op FM synth to
em411.com. It is pretty big as em411 only allows 1 file per patch (470kb) I
will abstract it out this weekend and upload it to the new pure-data.org,
for those of you who want to see it but are scared of a 1/2 Mb pd file.

Now the goods:
	It is 8 voice polyphonic. With envelopes for each operator:
Amplitude, Pitch and filter (its uses, vcf~, I am going to look at the
various filters discussed yesterday to see if I can get a better sounding
one). It has been tested by me for a good day or so, but I am sure I missed
some bugs please email me if you run into problems (particularly sticky ones
are those when the envelopes don't seem to work, I found 2 last night). Load
save is form an older patch so that should be pretty solid. Also because it
uses Arrays to store its info it will always remember the last 8 patches you
worked on. 

The bads:
	It is not GOP safe, and has not been tested with multiple copies of
itself, so I don't know if it is abstraction safe. Its eats CPU cycles for
breakfast (20% on my windows 2k machine at home which is an amd 1000 with
512megs of ram, 35-40% at work which is an intel p4 1500). This is my first
major Synthesis patch, so I will be exploring ways to get this down in the
coming weeks.

The Uglies.
	The envelopes are [line] and [line~] driven. I would like to move
them to T3 envelopes, but the help files for the t3 stuff are Greek to me,
it is going to require a bit more experimentation for me to figure them out.
	The envelope times are hardcoded into the sliders. I would like them
to be slider independent and also respond or map to tempo information
	Obviously the CPU and GOP/abstraction stuff.
	I am not scaling the output of the 8 voices so if you go full
throttle on the keyboard you will get clipping. How do people usually avoid
this? I can think of a bunch of ways to do it, but is there a standard?
	I would like to set up a nice CC matrix or gui that allows you to
route Control Change Msgs to any value.

	I had a big old list of things in my head last night before I went
to bed, but I forgot them. I will remember better ones as the patch
progresses (like assignable LFO's, but maybe I should make the user do it
externally through the CC gui.)

As always comments/questions/bug reports are very very welcomed!


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