[PD] FreeBSD 4.8, pd 0.35 - and distortion

Nick Morrison nickm at internode.com.au
Thu Aug 14 16:59:09 CEST 2003

Hello list,

I asked a similar question a while back, so apologies for repeating myself.

If I have a patch like so:

  [osc~ 440]

Should I get a clean output signal from my speakers?

At the moment, the only way for me to get a signal without distortion is to
do this:

  [osc~ 440]
 [*~ 0.0038]    <- found through trial and error :-)

The above patch makes a clear sound for me.

My mixer settings are nominal.  Other audio apps - xmms, play, mplayer, etc
work properly.

My question:  Is there a "hidden" gain control I can tweak on the pd
command line?  Is this behaviour normal?  It's as if pd is setting the
sound card's gain to a very high level, causing distortion - but mixer
tells me everything is nominal.

I would simply upgrade to the latest version instead of troubling the list,
but it's proving to be troublesome to compile under FreeBSD 4.8.  There is
a ports version, but it is still at 0.35.  I'm on the verge of replacing my
FreeBSD with Linux just for the sake of pd :-)



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