[PD] multichannel rme pd-0.37-test8

Michael Iber music at chemie.fu-berlin.de
Sun Aug 17 20:18:05 CEST 2003

Hi Frank,
I tried it once (alsa/jack/pd) and it can't compete to Guenters driver. I 
wouldn't risk it in the live enviroment I am going to use it in
Thanks anyway, greetings

Am Sonntag, 17. August 2003 16:08 schrieb Frank Barknecht:
> Hallo,
> Michael Iber hat gesagt: // Michael Iber wrote:
> > trying to use channels 4-flag with rme-driver (-32bit) gives me the
> > following error
> >
> > /dev/dsp1 (read/write): No such device
> > (now will try write-only...)
> > /dev/dsp1 (writeonly): No such device
> > /dev/dsp1 (readonly): No such device
> >
> > Obviously pd is trying to use a second device which is not supported
> > according to Guenther Geiger's driver-readme. pd-0.36 worked fine .......
> I thing to get the full potential out of RME cards you probably should
> use ALSA. If it doesn't work directly in Pd, using the jack-output is
> the way to go. But I don't have a RME, so I'm just guessing from what
> I read on other lists...
> ciao

Michael Iber
mail at michael-iber.de

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