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more PD trouble pdman at aproximation.org
Tue Aug 19 00:51:40 CEST 2003

Your help is amaizing! thanks for all the suguestions! Perhpas I will get it yet!

I havnt heard of flext, but I figure it might be better to solve my problems here before trying another tool, sence my external is so simple and the solution is so near. After I get this one working I will most certanly look to flext before I try this again! Thanks.

Ive uploaded the most recent version of the code: (http://www.tessabeth.org/code/)
But the questions are fiewer. The main ones are:
	It looks like I need w[1-10] but I only ask for 9 vectors in dsp. Do I not ask for the dataStructure reference implicitly?
	Could you verify that my _dsp and my _perform line up?

The minor ones are:
	If one inlet is implied, is it always at the signal rate, or can you change it with floatinlet?
	What do you mean by a running index?

Thanks for all your help so far!

J. Scott:
	What compiler are you using?
In vc++ 6.0 I created an empty dll from the file->new wizard, added pd.lib and c:\pd\bin to the libraries section of project settings. Thoes were the main things. I dont know about using .lib files in pd though... Let me know if you want to know more...

Danke Shon! (I dont know the umlaut 'o' key)

The question I asked Thomas applies to you as well: If I have sp[0-6] as inlets, sp[7] as an outlet and sp[0] as the number of samples (it seems weird to seeming reasign sp[0]) then I have 9 vectors. How then does that corespond to my *w[1-10]?

Thanks, everyone, for your help. I assure you that Ill be out of your hair as soon as I get this working!
In the immortal words of my mortal little sister: "You rock!"


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