[PD] mov frame

Rene Christen nay_m_c at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 19 06:36:32 CEST 2003

>>just wondering if it's possible to get a live feed of the frame number of 
>>a movie being played
>>need to - for example - get it to skip ahead 10 frames when triggered
>>shame that pix_film and pix-movie seem to only have outputs for the total 
>>number of frames
>>any advice?
>I'm not exactly sure what you are asking about.  The only way to skip 
>frames using pix_film is to use the right inlet and feed the frame number 
>into that.  Since you supply the frame number to be displayed, it would be 
>easy to tell pix_film to skip ahead 10 frames at a certain point (be it 
>based on audio input, or MIDI event or sensor or what have you).

but if i send say + 10  to the right inlet it jumps it to frame 10 rather 
than 10 ahead of the current frame

i was hoping to get the current frame and then if triggered add a number to 
it and feed it into the right inlet of pix film

>You can also make your own frame counter by using a counter.  connect the 
>second outlet of pix_film to the last inlet of counter and use a trigger to 
>control the counter.  The key is to use 'auto 1' with pix_film so a frame 
>is output every time through the render chain. here's some ascii:
>[_pix_film_    _]
>   |	|
>   |	|
>[t b]	|
>  |	|
>[counter 0 1]
>  |
>[number box]

the second outlet of pix film only seems to output the total number of 
frames so it (and the right outlet) only triggers at the end of the loop not 
for each frame so i don´t know how to trigger the counter, plus it says 
error: counter: no method for float

btw, i have been using auto 1 with pix film

any other advice?

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