[PD] Framestien AVI all choppy

Bradon Webb bradonwebb at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 23 02:42:12 CEST 2003

can anyone help me figure out what is going wrong when I try to render my Fs.Frame to an avi.  I get really nice smooth playback when running an fs.frame, but when I start to render frames with fs.avi, everything gets all bogged down and choppy.  It seems like it is skipping frames and everything that onced looked good, looks pretty bad.  I figured this was just the realtime playback while trying to render, but the avi file looks the same; all choppy.  I have tried this at multiple frame rates, but everything seems to be the same no matter what the rate.  It allso somehow corrupts the render and adds this black and white banding pattern over everything that I am totally baffled about???  I think most of the problems are from using the lightspeed, and colortv effects, because from what I understand these are not frame driven.  or at least I am not using a frame to control them.  stoping the frames per second clock and then I am using a line to control the lightspeed, and a bang to
 control the colortv, so all the transition is happening between frames, or frame independant.  I thought the fs.avi was capturing everyting in the fs.frame at the specified rate..  I suppose I could link everything so It runs off of the same frame clock and see if that fixes anything, however this would pretty much mean to re-do the entire patch. oh well...  What can I do? any suggestions?

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