[PD] pd osx (several topics)

plessas at sbox.tugraz.at plessas at sbox.tugraz.at
Mon Aug 25 01:36:17 CEST 2003

hi my dear list members!

i have done some pd-0.37 testing on my osx machine:
the ability to change audio drivers on the fly is very nice! and there is easier
editing of text in message boxes!
portaudio support is working for my hdsp card too!
now for the questions:

i just get output on 6 channels of my hdsp multiface, although having it set to
8 outs in pd. plus, on 2 chn. operation i get 32% cpu load compared to 14%
using built in audio! thats a portaudio thing right?

GEM: works fine, is there a pix_video object for osx?

trying to get pdp to run, it complains about not finding /sw/lib/libgsl.0.dynlib
what's that and where do you get it from?

tcl (i use wish shell 8.4) is losing the key commands after a certain time
working and application switching in the finder. it also hangs to the extent
that i can only close windows and quit. has anyone got the same problems?
i am using a precompiled binary of 0.37 from, i guess, Miller's page.

when i set the path in pd 0.37 wonderful "path..." dialog the settings are gone
on next start of pd. is that intentionally, where else and in what syntax (path
from root level?) can i set it? i start pd with a pd.command file.

any help suggestions etc are very welcome!
have a nice time.

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