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> hi my dear list members!
> i have done some pd-0.37 testing on my osx machine:
> the ability to change audio drivers on the fly is very nice! and there 
> is easier
> editing of text in message boxes!
> portaudio support is working for my hdsp card too!
> now for the questions:
> 1.)
> i just get output on 6 channels of my hdsp multiface, although having 
> it set to
> 8 outs in pd. plus, on 2 chn. operation i get 32% cpu load compared to 
> 14%
> using built in audio! thats a portaudio thing right?

I had some problems with hdsp:
for example: if you set portaudio with a sample-rate of 44100 it will 
show 44100 but it will set the sample-rate to 48000 (you can check it 
with Daisy.app),
all because the hsdp is a mono mode driver (maybe RME forgot hdsp).
To solve this trouble I've written a new pa_mac_core.c file that you 
must use to compile pd, you can find it here :


or if you want you can use Jack ( http://www.grame.fr/~letz/jack.html , 
http://www.meskalina.it/elementicaotici/dev/audiounits.html ), but 
you'll need a special portaudio driver for RME too (If you want I can 
send it).

> 2.)
> GEM: works fine, is there a pix_video object for osx?
sure, try: pix_videoDarwin
> 3.)
> trying to get pdp to run, it complains about not finding 
> /sw/lib/libgsl.0.dynlib
> what's that and where do you get it from?
> 4.)
> tcl (i use wish shell 8.4) is losing the key commands after a certain 
> time
> working and application switching in the finder. it also hangs to the 
> extent
> that i can only close windows and quit. has anyone got the same 
> problems?
> i am using a precompiled binary of 0.37 from, i guess, Miller's page.
> 5.)
> when i set the path in pd 0.37 wonderful "path..." dialog the settings 
> are gone
> on next start of pd. is that intentionally, where else and in what 
> syntax (path
> from root level?) can i set it? i start pd with a pd.command file.
I've written an application that load pd simply:
first set the command line from preferences then close and relaunch 
> any help suggestions etc are very welcome!
> have a nice time.
> Peter


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