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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Fri Oct 10 06:54:44 CEST 2003

You should post such questions to the list, not just to me.

http://fink.sourceforge.net/pdb/package.php/gsl-shlibs is the packages  
that you need.  apt-get won't work, you'll need to:

fink install gsl-shlibs

and you need to use the fink 'unstable' sources.

.pdrc should be in the the home folder of the account you normally log  
in as.  Open a new window in Terminal.app, open a new window in  
Terminal.app, type "cd".  That is where it should go.


On Wednesday, Oct 8, 2003, at 22:35 America/New_York, __alejo duque  

> ::::::10/7/03 9:51 AM -0400 Hans-Christoph Steiner escribio que-->
>> You have to create that file.  From the Terminal, type:
>> [alejo-duques-Computer:/] alejo# cd
>> [alejo-duques-Computer:~] alejo# cat > .pdrc
>> -lib Gem
>> Then press ^D (Control-D).  That will create the .pdrc file with one  
>> line: -lib Gem.
> k, i have created the .pdrc and double checked it through Pico:
> UW PICO(tm) 2.5                 New Buffer                          
> Modified
> -lib Gem
> -lib iemlib1
> -lib iemlib2
> -lib iem_mp3
> -lib iem_t3_lib
> -lib pdp
> -lib zexy
> it is locatet @:  /private/var/root          [is this the right place  
> for my .pdrc?]
> [alejo-duques-Computer:~] alejo# ls
> .CFUserTextEncoding .nsmbrc             Library
> .forward            .pdrc
> it appear there after i followed your above instructions.
> But i still have the "couldn't create" error messages to gemwin, etc.  
> The Gem patches just appear without cords, unconnected objects. (
> i have already installed the other libs through Fink:
> sudo apt-get install glut glut-shlibs gsl-shlibs libpng-shlibs libpng3
> libpng3-shlibs libquicktime0-shlibs libmpeg libmpeg-shlibs ffmpeg
> but as you can see here:  
> http://fink.sourceforge.net/pdb/search.php?s=gsl-shlibs
> there are no packages of gsl-shlibs...though i think that wouldn't be  
> the reason for Gem not loading.
> [i have added to the fink.config tree th lines to search also for the  
> unstable sources]
> thruogh control-x, control-D i get the list of all the commands, now i  
> know i can do make, fink and lot more commands.
> any clue what else im missing. sorry for my blindness..++thanks
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