[PD] Re: off thread

chris clepper cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Fri Oct 10 09:16:16 CEST 2003

Why are you suggesting fink at all for the OSX version of GEM?? 
There are no fink packages that will work with GEM - everything 
needed comes with OSX (and is for the most part far better than what 
you could pull out of fink anyway).  So simply put: there are 
precisely 0 things to install on an OSX box to get GEM working.  You 
can take a Mac out of the shrink-wrap, boot it, download or copy the 
pd and GEM binaries onto the machine and start using them both.  I've 
actually done this.

Any problems with loading GEM have to do with incorrect paths or 
permissions or the like, and problems running GEM almost always come 
down to hardware problems or someone is trying to run it on a system 
prior to 10.2.  I guess we'll have to throw a big error message in 
the startup informing users of the latter.


>You should post such questions to the list, not just to me.
>http://fink.sourceforge.net/pdb/package.php/gsl-shlibs is the 
>packages  that you need.  apt-get won't work, you'll need to:
>fink install gsl-shlibs
>and you need to use the fink 'unstable' sources.
>.pdrc should be in the the home folder of the account you normally 
>log  in as.  Open a new window in Terminal.app, open a new window in 
>Terminal.app, type "cd".  That is where it should go.

>>But i still have the "couldn't create" error messages to gemwin, 
>>etc.  The Gem patches just appear without cords, unconnected 
>>objects. (
>>i have already installed the other libs through Fink:
>>sudo apt-get install glut glut-shlibs gsl-shlibs libpng-shlibs libpng3
>>libpng3-shlibs libquicktime0-shlibs libmpeg libmpeg-shlibs ffmpeg
>>but as you can see here: 
>>there are no packages of gsl-shlibs...though i think that wouldn't 
>>be  the reason for Gem not loading.
>>[i have added to the fink.config tree th lines to search also for 
>>the  unstable sources]

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