[PD] Multichannel Mixer

e skogen eskogen at usfamily.net
Sat Oct 11 01:02:39 CEST 2003

Fares Kayali wrote:
> hi!
> thanks a lot for the mixer... it runs well under mac os x and i think i might be able to use it for my project!

awesome :)

> Theres just one problem... i'm experiencing a short pause in all sounds when loading a new sample... am i missing an external or do you know any way to overcome this problem?
> I have them same issue when simply looping a sample with tabplay~ and exchanging it during play.

this is a common problem with Pd's sound file loading. you could try 
setting your latency higher. or you could use something like readsf~ to 
load the sounds.

with soundfiler (which my patch uses) the system glitches a bit as 
memory is allocated and the sound is loaded, etc. (it also glitches when 
you resize an array) but if you use readsf~ to play the sound into an 
array, you can avoid some of these issues. i think this might also have 
been addressed with readanysf~?

i have a modified version of the patch that supports this type of file 
loading, but i get some weird anomolies where the sound isn't yet loaded 
and it's still trying to play. but, if anyone is interested, i could 
post it on audionerd.com.

the solution as i see it was:
1. i have 2 arrays set to allow a maximum of 30 seconds in length, so 
these are never resized (to avoid glitches)
2. i readsf~ into those arrays
3. i tell my patch what the size (in samples) of the wavfile was

the 3rd point gets tricky. i suppose i could [timer] how long the sound 
played and calculate the size in samples. but instead i'm polling the 
sound file itself. however, i have had problems on windows in the past 
with getting wav file size, so i'm using a custom external for this! :P

ha, so i guess it gets kind of complicated. but if you're interested in 
a patch to the patcher that includes the [pokewave] external i'm using 
and the replacement for the loadsound abstraction, email me. in fact, if 
people like it better, maybe i should just put it into GYRE by default?


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