[PD] MIDI sustain pedal processing

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Mon Oct 13 11:31:32 CEST 2003

hi Larry,

Larry Troxler wrote:
> Is there an external or abstraction around, that will take a stream of MIDI 
> note on/offs and sustain messages, and output note on/offs with the sustain 
> applied?

'sustain' is in cyclone.

It is modelled after the max' one, i.e. assumes a synth expects
multiple note-offs for multiple note-ons on the same key.
Besides, you would need to [route] to as many [sustain]s, as there
are midi channels used.

> I once did something in pd-scheme, but since nobody is really interested in 
> pd-scheme anymore (at least in its present state), and since this sustain 

probably not in using it for scripting simple real-time tasks, but
I think a lisp-based extension, in an ideal world, would be
a great tool for composers.  What is needed though, is to find
a natural way for Pd objects to pass arbitrary lisp data around,
using Pd connections, and also for synchronizing Pd structures
(say, binbufs of qlist or xeq) with those in lisp.

Last week I have been trying to design, along these lines, a much
simpler tcl-based extension.  Design is not finished yet, but if
all goes well, it will eventually be a part of toxy collection
(called +tot I guess).  This is more like an exercise, and the
real thing should probably speak lisp, not tcl...  Unless, in the
end, it turns out, that there should not be any real thing in Pd,
just a kind of Pd-OM bridge, or the like, instead.


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