[PD] compiling error on suse 8.2

Martin Peach martinrp at vax2.concordia.ca
Thu Oct 16 18:43:05 CEST 2003

eh wrote:
> hi
>>The other gotcha is that there is more than one makefile. Look at the 
>>output of make to see which directory it was in when it stopped, and 
>>edit the makefile in there.
> Now i understand. I did this and now it is finally working. THANKS!!
> I just want to say to everybody that many PD users have a very little knowledge of 
> linux or programming. So if i am told to "remove the -Werror flags from the makefile" 
> i might go to the makefile at the pd/src folder and do this ONLY in this level, 
> because i don't know about other makefile files in other folders.
> So please if would be good if everybody explains this kind of issues very slowly and 
> in detail. I know sometimes there is no time for such simple questions but the more 
> clean, simple and detailed the explanations are the easier are to understand. It 
> saves time and headaches to other people.

It shouldn't have to be like this anyway. The makefile should work 
properly in the first place. Today I am wasting all my time trying to 
build csound and I'm getting the same kind of crap only worse...I think 
the developers are using old compilers.


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