[PD] can vst~ receive midi messages from a plugin?

ix xi at dopecheck.com
Fri Oct 17 05:26:11 CEST 2003

seems a few people have asked how to use pdvst as an instrument, heres what works great for me in cubase sx2:

- recompile pdvst w/ midi-in enabled:
- put pd on an audio chan, send it midi via midiyoke.

to bounce to audio file, use 'realtime bounce'. or for more channels:

- open up cubase "vst connections window and make a new 'input bus'. you can then make 'child bus's etc, if you want to use a pd instance with 8 outs and record them all as mono channels, or whatever.
- insert pd on the new input bus, make some audio chans w/ the pd chans as input, click the 'speaker' icon to listen, or 'rec' to record..

the nice thing about this new feature is you dont have to have actual physical soundcard channels to coincide with your new 'virtual input bus' youre recording pd with...not sure other hosts are this flexible at the moment...


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