[PD] Using Externals in PD

samuel goldszmidt Samuel.Goldszmidt at ircam.fr
Mon Oct 20 14:27:17 CEST 2003


You have just got to put the file in a directory ( for instance
"externalDirectory" ) and next, you run pd with the command line :

C:\audio\pd\bin\pd.exe -lib c:\ pathTotheexternalDirectory \ name of the
external without the extension ( external.dll become external)

or you can make a bat file to run each time pd with all your externals

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> Hi there,
> Can anyone tell me where I can find instructions on how to use/import?
externals in pd. I've found lots of externals on the web that do exactly
what I want but there seems to be no info at all on how to actually use
them... ???
> Im running on both Windows 2000 and xp pro.
> Thanks
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