[PD] Newbie with some questions (notably [block~ 1])

Claudius Maximus gloriousclaudiusmaximus at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Oct 21 02:12:36 CEST 2003

Hi all,

A few days into Pd I've finished a couple of small
(see http://claudiusmaximus.tk -> Paula) and learnt a
about how it all works, thanks to the huge set of
(and useful documentation at that) provided.  I must
my thanks to the authors.

However I've found some issues, either with the way
I'm trying 
to do things or with Pd itself:

1. [block~ 1] doesn't work

The block size is set to 64 instead.  Moreover:

C:\>pd -version
Pd version 0.37.0
compiled 14:20:00 Sep 17 2003
caught an exception; stopping

C:\>pd -blocksize 1
not using MIDI input (use 'pd -midiindev 1' to
pd: audio buffering maxed out to 2
100 audio buffers
main Pd window appears
pd.exe - Application Error
The instruction st 0x1004b801 referenced memory at
The memory could not be written.
Click on OK to terminate the program.
caught an exeption; stopping
pd.exe - Application Error
The instruction at 0x77fc9789 referenced memory at
The memory could not be read.
Click on OK to terminate the program.
pd terminates

I'm using Windows 2000 Professional.  The hex numbers
in the
errors are constant, even over reboots.

I have found a workaround, using [until], [tabwrite]
[tabreceive~], but my patch would look prettier if
[block~ 1]
worked ;-]

2. [sysexin] doesn't work on Windows:

error: sysexin: works under Linux only
Same with [midiin] - and trying to use them just gives
240 and
2 on the left and right outlets when a sysex message
I would very much like to receive sysex messages for
my Novation
BassStation Rack patch editor that I'm working on.

3. How do I read bytes from a binary file into an

Treating them as integers from 0 to 255.

4. How do I build messages out of symbol arguments?

|set $1(  doesn't work as expected when I send it a

5. How do I send messages to $0-name arrays?

|;$0-name x y z(  doesn't work.

Many thanks for your consideration and help,


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