[PD] logo or icon?? (my opinion)

nick phillips np at f-matic.net
Wed Oct 22 23:16:44 CEST 2003

just an idea -- i wonder if it might be best to post the potential logos
on pure-data.org minus the descriptions/reasoning? not to say the
reasons aren't important -- i've found the discussion fascinating so far
-- but in the end, i imagine that a newcomer to PD will judge the logo,
and therefore in part PD itself, on purely aesthetic grounds, and won't
be much interested in the logical reasoning behind it. perhaps it might
be best to also judge the icon based on purely aesthetic interests also?

i suppose i'd like to err on the side of a logo whose look itself best
expressed the idea of PD, otherwise we may end up with a logo that looks
aesthetically "off" but whose reasoning is sound (i'm thinking here of
the awful C74 logo in particular)...

again, just an idea -- feel free to explain to me why i'm wrong!


> As I somehow started this thread, I want to throw in some thoughts too.
> First, instead of sending logos to the mailing lists, we should
> really collect them on the pure-data side (I still use pine, and its
> not setup to view images !).
> Then as it is a contest, I think it does not make too much sense
> to make restrictions. If someone thinks it can only be black and
> white and one should see the pixels ... ok.
> People can submit the logos together with their reasoning why they made it
> this way and why it is the best of all, the only thing that we would have
> to do at end somehow together is to agree on one ...
> I think the best way is that some one (hc ?) makes an official like
> description how to submit the logos (deadline in two weeks or so),
> then we make preselections and go together through the decision process.
> It would be nice if the outcome would be other artwork too, like
> pd-backgrounds, pd-shirts, pd-mugs, pd-underwear, etc aso ..
> Guenter
> On Wed, 22 Oct 2003, Andre Schmidt wrote:
> > don't quite understand why i should create a pixel editor with pd to get the same result as with an "icon editor" program ???
> >
> > -andre
> >
> > Marc Lavalle wrote:
> > > On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 09:43:39AM -0400, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> > >
> > >>I think we are talking about a logo from which icons will be made.  I
> > >>think the yin/yang came up because it looks like the letters Pd, but I
> > >>agree, I don't see a strong connection to Pd.  I personally think that
> > >>the icon should be designed in Pd, since Pd is all about creating media.
> > >
> > >
> > > I agree. Since pd is "graphically challenged", the logos and icons should
> > > be designed accordingly. Included is my pd icon, made with pd on Linux
> > > (it's only 137 bytes). Earlier this summer, I installed the actual
> > > pure-data.org logo, made by patrick at 11h11.com.
> > >
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> > > Marc
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