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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Thu Oct 23 04:48:53 CEST 2003

As the "person who makes installers" in question, I must say those 
rules where just suggestions based on suggestions that I received on my 
icons.  It seems as though I offended you, all I can say is that was 
not at all my intention.   I was just saying "I think it would be cool 
if..." like everyone else.


On Wednesday, Oct 22, 2003, at 19:36 America/New_York, X. J. Scott 

>> I think that having some restrictions actually encourages creativity.
> It's true that restrictions can be inspiring.
> So, is there any reason why the restrictions shouldn't be:
> 1.) Logo must be in color. No black and white allowed.
> 2.) Logo may not be pixellated.
> 3.) Logo may not use the courier font.
> I'm not serious about these rules, I'm just trying to make a point by 
> way of
> example. The point being that if we are talking about a contest to 
> make a
> logo for one person's particular installer, then certainly that person 
> can
> make the rules, and perhaps have a little bit of prize money available 
> if
> they want the privledge of that level of control.
> But actually, there are many people who make installers, correct? But 
> not
> just people who make installers, but users and developers as well. What
> about the opinions of the developers themselves? Are the opinions of
> installer makers more important than the opinions of developers?
> I do not understand why, as both a developer of pd and as a user, that 
> my
> opinions and tastes should be disregarded in advance because of some 
> rules
> that someone has imposed which are based on their own personal 
> preferences
> and tastes.
> I don't see pd as a black and white utilitarian program. I see it as an
> expressive artistic tool with unlimited potential. Others see it as a 
> black
> and white program. Of course, many users of pd use it with color. I 
> don't
> see why the lack of color in the versions a few people use should be 
> the
> defining and most important characteristic of the program.
> - Jeff
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