[PD] matters of taste

X. J. Scott xjscott at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 23 01:36:18 CEST 2003

> I think that having some restrictions actually encourages creativity.

It's true that restrictions can be inspiring.
So, is there any reason why the restrictions shouldn't be:

1.) Logo must be in color. No black and white allowed.
2.) Logo may not be pixellated.
3.) Logo may not use the courier font.

I'm not serious about these rules, I'm just trying to make a point by way of
example. The point being that if we are talking about a contest to make a
logo for one person's particular installer, then certainly that person can
make the rules, and perhaps have a little bit of prize money available if
they want the privledge of that level of control.

But actually, there are many people who make installers, correct? But not
just people who make installers, but users and developers as well. What
about the opinions of the developers themselves? Are the opinions of
installer makers more important than the opinions of developers?

I do not understand why, as both a developer of pd and as a user, that my
opinions and tastes should be disregarded in advance because of some rules
that someone has imposed which are based on their own personal preferences
and tastes.

I don't see pd as a black and white utilitarian program. I see it as an
expressive artistic tool with unlimited potential. Others see it as a black
and white program. Of course, many users of pd use it with color. I don't
see why the lack of color in the versions a few people use should be the
defining and most important characteristic of the program.

- Jeff

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