[PD] Video cards

chris clepper cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Thu Oct 23 06:45:19 CEST 2003

The 4200 is a fine card for GEM right now.  It will run really well 
and you won't be missing any of the linux features - the really 
advanced stuff is still a short while away.  Offhand I don't recall 
if that generation GPU supports ARB_vertex or ARB_fragment_program or 
not.  Probably by this time next year those will be indispensable 
features for GEM, but the Nvidia cards that I know support them are 
either total crap FX5200/5600 or way over-priced 5900.  ATI is 
definitely the way to go hardware wise but the Linux drivers make 
Nvidia a better choice on that platform.  The drivers aren't open, 
but Nvidia is at least making an effort to support the platform and 
they are legally entitled to protect their IP.   Their drivers are 
also pretty easy to install as they make available binaries for 
popular distros like RedHat and Suse to ensure compatibility.  As 
mentioned by others, the NV drivers do support TV out and dual-head 
displays.  So you have the choice of ok hardware with good drivers 
(Nvidia) or good hardware with questionable drivers (ATI).  Tough 
one, but probably the former is better if you want fewer hassles.


>Hi people
>i am just about to get a new video card (and system) and i was wondering if
>there was a choice video card for gem style graphics and pd. i'm using linux,
>kinda a noob, so it would good to see if anyone has had any good experiences.
>i'm looking at a "palit geforce4 ti 4200 128mb with tv out" because it's cheap
>and on special but if there is a better option i would like to hear it.
>thanks clever ones.
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