Fw: [PD] logo or icon?? or design?

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
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While the images look nice, I think that there shouldn't be too many  
things to make Pd 'pretty'.  To me usability is more important than  
presentability.  I think the best way to make Pd usable/presentable as  
a whole is to make it behave as much like a native app as possible.   
Tcl makes this possible.  I have started working on replacing the 'This  
window has been modified.  Close Anyway?" dialog with one that is just  
like that standard panel with "Save, Don't Save, Cancel" for MacOS X  
and "Yes, No, Cancel" (IIRC) for Windows.


On Friday, Oct 24, 2003, at 10:39 America/New_York, Andrey Savitsky  

> the illustration could be other. it should be designed separately.
> but before to find more successful image i'd like to find out  whether  
> we
> need it and how we can use it in pd interface.
> My main idea is to find how pd can look more presentably in whole, not  
> only
> in icons.
> Framestein logo I have recollected, because it appears in main window  
> when
> framestein is loaded.
> best regards,
> andrey
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>>> I like this.
>>> The tangle of cables cracked me up, because I've seen it in my own  
>>> and
>>> many friends rooms. I like the 3d line art best though, because the
>>> cables look a little too much like Max/MSP's splash screen.
>>> Nicholas
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