[PD] GEM vs Jitter a newbie request for opinions

ben at ekran.org ben at ekran.org
Fri Oct 24 17:54:42 CEST 2003

Hey Jhave,

I've only tinkered with jitter, but I know a lot of jitter users. First
off Gem is A LOT easier to learn than jitter. The way you patch is much
more clear and intuitive. This is becuase there is no matrix operation
stuff as there is in jitter. This makes Gem less powerful than jitter.
What do you want to do with the video? Are you doing any matrix stuff at

For resources I just taught 120 college students Gem in two classes, 2
hours each. I have the lecture online at:


It's an interactive PD patch so you should learn lots. Also Chris Clepper
has some tutorials on his site at:


There are a large number of Graphics/Video libs for PD including: GridFlow
(matrix operations), Framestein (windows only), PDP (something more like
softVideo), and PiDiP (nice extra stuff on top of PDP), and of course Gem.

I just did a performance in collaboration with a jitter guy this week,
I'll encode some video and have it online at some point in the next couple
weeks. (Bottom line is they work well together, and there is a nice
aesthetic balance)

Mathieu and Gem-devs:
I've been doing a lot of matrix related stuff with Gem lately driven by my
PSO object, and its a little awkward. (Like interpolating 24*8*5 vertex
positions etc..) With Chris's vertex array stuff is there a possibility of
using gridflow for matrix operations to be passed onto Gem for attaching
to openGL? I would be very interesting in seeing such a connection. Are
either party's interested? I have some example patches to show off what I
mean by awkwardness if required!


> Hello PD-gurus,
> I'm a comp-sci student and artist just learning Max and PD,
> and i am beginning a project involving video,
> does anyone out there have any comments or suggestions
> on the relative learnability of Gem vs Jitter? (if so what resources
> exist?) and is Gem as powerful as Jitter?
> all comments appreciated,
> jhave
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