[PD] GEM vs Jitter a newbie request for opinions

Tom Schouten doelie at zzz.kotnet.org
Sat Oct 25 02:00:08 CEST 2003

some gap filling..
> As far as Tom told me, PDP operates using a system of types. For each
> named type of data there is a way packets are constructed and a set of
> object classes willing to accept them.

jep. that's how it works now. it will stay like that in the upcoming
release. the reason it's typed is performance. next release should have
some more flexibility wrt to polymorphy and mixing several types.

> AFAIK, PDP has linear algebra functions, and actually is better at it
> than GridFlow, but those functions are separate from the picture
> processing, so for example in PDP you can't implement your own hue-shift

yet :)

> effect by multiplying a picture by a matrix, whereas I'm doing exactly
> that in GridFlow. But maybe Tom can give you the exact details, as I am
> but a beginner with PDP.

the linear algebra functions in pdp are indeed completely separate from
the image processing. the only connection being a matrix<->image type
conversion. the linear algebra stuff is there to support 3dp, but it's not
even connected to 3dp right now, so not really usable. you can use it to
make some nice pictures, but thats about all. matrix and 3dp will stay
experimental until the new image processing engine is in place.

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