[PD] Re: GEM vs Jitter a newbie request for opinions (newbie sez thanks)

shreeswifty bigswift at ufl.edu
Sat Oct 25 19:06:26 CEST 2003

how partly for OS X
what works if i may ask?

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grab video from camera in real-timeno problem in PDP ( pdp_v4l from PDP ).

periodically save it to a file(s)no problem in PDP ( pdp_rec~ from PiDiP )
chroma key it as it is displayed

  kind of ( you can use pdp_compose from PiDiP )or use objects from Gem that
can then be displayed in PDP
  ( using pdp2gem )

  concurrently display previously-saved video(s) behind the current
real-time video
    no problem in PDP ( pdp_qt )

  apply diverse effects in real-time to the previously-saved video files
that have been loaded inof course, a lot from PDP and PiDiP
  ( http://ydegoyon.free.fr/pidip.html )

    vary the amount of these effects according to gradiant input from a
    sure if it has a midi or net interface.
  i know people commanding PDP/PiDiP with midi faders
  or USB gamepads.
  also, PiDiP does some motion detection ( pdp_ctrack, pdp_mgrid,
pdp_shape )

  just a detail, it's only for linux & partly for OSX ( to be improved ).

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