[PD] mandrake linux pd.rpm? -stream es1370

Pixelcorrection at wmconnect.com Pixelcorrection at wmconnect.com
Sun Oct 26 00:23:27 CEST 2003

hay frank

In the pd documentation, on page x3.htm#s4, it list under the LINUX only 
commands -stream as being a command line argument to envoke an es1370 audio card.  
See below.

(linux specific audio:)
-frags        -- specify number of audio fragments (defeats audiobuf)
-fragsize     -- specify log of fragment size ('blocksize' is better...)
-stream          -- use stream mode audio (e.g., for es1370 audio cards)
-alsa            -- use ALSA audio drivers-alsadev      
-- ALSA device # (counting from 1) or name: default hw:0,0

bye, pixelc.

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