[PD] os x gem fullscreen

zmoelnig at iem.at zmoelnig at iem.at
Sun Oct 26 19:37:24 CET 2003

Zitiere doktorp <doktorp at mac.com>:

> I have gotten the offset to work, and forced gem to make an 800/600 
> window and have my second monitor at that setting. if I offset it just
> right it seemed to work.
> but using the second monitor flag and the fullscreen one would 
> consitantly crash me. =(
which OS are you on ?
"secondscreen" works only for macOS-X (as far as i know)
however, how does "fullscreen" crashes you ?
if you get a black-screen that forbids any access to you control patch, this is
basically the behaviour you requested (depending on the window-manager you are
using). if this is the case, make sure, you can somehow destroy the gemwin,
either by remote-control (netsend) or midi or gemmouse.


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