[PD] tell me about your Windows install

David Sabine dave at davesabine.com
Mon Oct 27 06:52:37 CET 2003

Hi all,

I use PD on windows almost exclusively.  I currently have PD located in the
root of my volume: C:\pd\  even though the norm for all programs in the
Windows OS is C:\Program Files\

I suppose I have done this to eliminate problems that 'may' arise with long
filenames and/or non-breaking spaces in file names.  (To be honest, I don't
know off-hand whether or not these problems are real in PD or just in my

I like that PD is very portable.  It's not 'installed' per say, it merely
exists on the drive.  If PD ever begins to make changes to the registry, OS
configuration, drivers, etc., then I will likely begin to think more
carefully about PD on my system.  I might become rather hesitant actually.

I haven't used your [Hans] installer.  Probably for these reasons:
1. I haven't found it necessary yet.
2. I like having more direct control over the externals, libraries, etc.
that I use.  As well, my PD configuration changes frequently.  For instance,
I don't have ZEXY on my machine right now - I don't have use for it in my
current work.  I'll download it again when I need it.  (Rather than simply
'not use it' I usually choose to 'remove it').
3. Having to make my own decisions about externals, libraries, usually
forces me to read the docs, visit the web sites, browse the licenses, and I
like this little routine.

I can understand however, that 'installers' may be necessary (if not now,
then eventually).  So I personally encourage you (Hans) to continue in this
direction.  PD is becoming more complex and perhaps 'installers' may be a
good force in encouraging developers to work together to become more
consistent in their file-naming, file-location, and resource-sharing

I have a vested interest in the functionality of the installers I suppose.
And in this regard, I'd simply like to say that I believe the installers
should give users the option of installing PD's native documentation (thnx
Miller) or the PDDP documents.  I don't believe, unless Miller says so, that
PDDP reference files should ever become the norm - they should remain an

Dave S

p.s.: i HAVE played an 808 with a long stick.

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So since I have begun the process of building a Windows installer for  
Pd, I am looking for feedback about what the installer should and  
shouldn't do, and what should happen with the Pd install.  Many people  
have build their own Windows distros and everyone has things they like  
and don't like about them.   Please tell me so I can incorporate as  
much as possible into the installers.

My goal is to make installers that install as much of the Pd code as  
possible.  There is sooo much good stuff out there that people never  
use because they don't find it, or its hard to install.



Using ReBirth, and programs like it, is like trying to play an 808 with  
a long stick.

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