[PD] tell me about your Windows install

marius schebella marius.schebella at chello.at
Mon Oct 27 11:57:55 CET 2003

installer should place pd and library files into a selecteable folder. Main
libraries should come with installer (zexy, iemlib, maxlib....) maybe
selecteable via checkbox. It should autogenerate a start-script /
ini-file(?). If changes are made in the properties (media/audiosettings)
menu, they should be saved into this start-script.
The windows installer should link *.pd-files with pd/resp.the startscript,
and maybe alternatively with an "edit-function" (notepad). So that one can
open pd-files also with the text-editor.
It should link pd-files with the pd-icon.
Paths should be added and be editable via the pd-program (again: save
directly to start-script).
Clicking on a pd-file should open pd or open the patch in the already
running pd.
hmm, I think some other wishes will occur, but thats it for the beginning.

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> So since I have begun the process of building a Windows installer for
> Pd, I am looking for feedback about what the installer should and
> shouldn't do, and what should happen with the Pd install.  Many people
> have build their own Windows distros and everyone has things they like
> and don't like about them.   Please tell me so I can incorporate as
> much as possible into the installers.
> My goal is to make installers that install as much of the Pd code as
> possible.  There is sooo much good stuff out there that people never
> use because they don't find it, or its hard to install.
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