[PD] mandrake linux pd.rpm? -stream es1371

juto aviten periclite at free.fr
Mon Oct 27 11:12:08 CET 2003

>I started to work on it today. There will be several packages. A
>"vanilla" PD rpm, plus many rpms for externals. I basically try to
>compile as much externals as I can from the CVS, including Gem. I 
>can't garantee that these packages will work with a standard Mandrake 9.1 
>installation; some other packages from exotic sources might be required.

Hi Marc,
will you only work for MDK 9.1, because 9.2 is on now and it's really 
stable with a lot of audio features. I think your pd's rpm could be 
suitable in the audio's rpm packages contribs of mandrake 9.2!!!
Also, my advice to switch to 9.2 is simply do it!! there's multimédia 



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