[PD] [os x] makefiles 4da Unauthorized.pkg

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Mon Oct 27 21:07:45 CET 2003


about the lame issues, i think once lame is installed,
the mp3 objects should be recompiled with the right headers,
if it still crashes, mm, it will need some debugging work there.

>> and about PiDiP for OSX :: yes, please !!
> o fuck!! i will lv to have them running.
>> ( but it requires lots of libs that you may get with fink )..
> all libs are already installed, through fink, the curl command + . 
> /configure
> but the make files make it for me <difficult, so im still missing 
> [PiDiP +the mp3live~]

the mp3live~ is tricky on OSX ( for some scheduling priorities reasons )
so i'm not sure it can actually work.

about PiDiP, having the libs installed trough fink is a good thing
( cause it installs the sources ), but then you need to fix path to the 
in 'configure.ac' or 'configure.in' and run autoconf.
i think it should do... what else?

good luck anyway!

ps : if you produce a PiDiP for OSX, just let me know
so that i can put it on the site for download.

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